"HAITEK TRANS" LTD is a logistic and transport company. Our main purpose is to provide you with tailor- made flexible logistic solutions, customized to your particular needs.

We maintain excellent economic relations and cooperate with companies from Bulgaria and Europe.

"HAITEK TRANS" LTD provides transportation of all types of goods incuding ADR with all safety equipment from Bulgaria and Tyrkey to all European destinations and back, and internal European transport between other countries in the European Union. The main directions of the company are Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Scandinavian countries and back to Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.

All of our trucks meet the latest environmental and technological requirements and European standards for international transport- CMR insurance with extended coverage provided for theft of the transported goods.

Team and Certifications

"HAITEK TRANS" LTD have assembled a team of well- qualified professionals and through the years established itself as one of the leading transport- forwarding companies, thanks to our many satisfied customers and long- standing experience and skills of our emploees.



 International and internal transport of goods.

Logistics services.

Guaranteed Quality

"HAITEK TRANS" LTD provides high quality transport and logistics services with guaranteed professionalism and care for the client.